Brass Instruments
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If all of the tubing in a trumpet were stretched out, it would reach about 6 1/2 feet.

Who would have guessed such a petite instrument has that much size!

Metal trumpets are dated as far back as 1500 B.C.

The earliest form of the trumpet was not used for music, but for military & religious purposes. Remains have been found in places such as Egypt, Asia, South America, and even Scandinavia.

Not all brass instruments are made of brass.

Oddly enough instruments like conch shells and shofars are considered part of the brass family because they create music through lip vibration. Even trombones and trumpets have elements like copper and other materials mixed in.

They are sometimes called ”Labrosones” or ”Lip-Vibrated Instruments.

Because the sound in brass instruments is made through musicians vibrating their lips in different ways, they got names such as ”Labrosones.”

Brass instruments can be heard in just about every music genre in the world.

Almost every mainstream type of music has elements of brass instruments in it.

Trombones For Beginners

The ”Trombone Suicide” marching band’s name is derived form it’s tendency to cause injuries.

With an unorthodox approach to marching bands like what these guys have going on, we can only expect some mishaps. Although nothing ”suicidal” actually occurs, their members sometimes walk away with black eyes or broken noses.

Some marching bands use a unique instrument called a sousaphone.

There’s not really much to say, not even we’ve heard too much about this one.

Dizzy Gillespie, the legendary jazz trumpeter, ran for president in 1964.

Alongside controversial ideas like advocating withdraw form Vietnam, he also pledged to re-name The White House ”The Blues House.” He sure had some class.

The first orchestral piece to use the trombone was Beethoven’s fifth symphony.

Introduced in C Minor of the fifth symphony, written 1804-1808.

The trombones was called a ”Sackbut” during the renaissance.

What better fun fact to top off the list?

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