Best Piccolo Trumpets
Best Piccolo Trumpets

The Piccolo Trumpet is the smallest member in the trumpet family, being only about half the size of a regular trumpet.

These instruments are engineered to play in both B-flat and A, but they have separate lead pipes for each key.

A piccolo trumpet that plays in the key of C, G, or F is very rare. Other big difference is made as play in either B♭ or A, using a separate lead pipe for each key. The tubing in piccolo trumpet are less in length or one half from any standard Trumpet.

The Piccolo Trumpets known as smartest in trumpet family. that usually used in Jazz and Classical Musical bands.

Like other trumpet, its also important part of military and marching bands.

Piccolo produce same sound pitch like pocket trumpet, but pitched one octave higher then all other trumpets.

In Piccolo trumpet you generate different types of sound and tones waves so that big reason increasing much popularity in musical field.

The Piccolo trumpet had own standard that different from others Bb due to pitch is higher by one octave.

Usually these trumpets are specially made for play in either A or Bb and features a separate lead pipe made for each of the keys.

If you’re curious (or in a hurry):

It’s an stylish and most Versatile Piccolo Trumpet, yet you’ll also find that it is also one of the strong handling or Durable Trumpet  you’ll find online.

Nasir Ali PiTr-02, Piccolo Trumpet
  • Attractive combination of Nickel Plated and Red
  • Comes in Mouth Piece and Trumpet Case
  • On lead Pipe company use Phosphorus copper.
  • Valve comes in white finish with faux mother of pearl inlaid buttons
  • Strong and adjustable handy grip in thumb ring option
  • Smooth and press and rich sound intonation.
  • In case of any manufacturing defects you can claim with in 14 Month

It’s available Red And Nickel Plated exterior and Come with case that has a universal fit that protects your trumpet so due to this ton of 5-Star reviews.

If you can get it for under $100, grab it. That’s one heck of a deal on a GOOD Piccolo Trumpet! (check current price & read reviews here).

Types of Piccolo Trumpets

Kinds of Piccolo Trumpets include the following:

Gold piccolo trumpet

A gold piccolo trumpet has a distinctive yellow gold color and is made up of four valves, a 3.5-inch diameter bell, and a 0.417-inch diameter bore. It is tuned to the keys of A and B flat.

Silver piccolo trumpet

A silver piccolo trumpet has a bright, silver-plated finish and is typically made up of four valves, a bell, and a 0.401-inch diameter bore. It is tuned to the keys of A and B flat. It produces a tight and bright tone especially when played in the high registers.

Choosing Piccolo Trumpets (Buying tips)

Corrosion-resistance: Choose a piccolo trumpet with nickel silver valves because this material resists corrosion build-up very well.

Casing: Make sure you store your piccolo trumpet in a sturdy instrument case when not in use. A hard case can protect it from getting banged up, scratched, or dented.

Oil: To keep your piccolo trumpet running smoothly, buy a good valve oil. Some manufacturers include a bottle of valve oil when you buy the instrument. 

Here: we provide you fully guidance to choose best one Piccolo Trumpet as per you sill level and requirements.

Because you now well many models available on the market but problem is all are not equal in quality sound, Features and performance efficiency.

In below we provides our Top selected models of piccolo Trumpet with each model describe properly and mentioned priority in specific buying circumstances.

Note: The all Trumpets models Selected after expert’s Physical testing and user Feedback’s:

If you Want Buy Versatile and premium quality or Top of the line Piccolo trumpet for practice and professional performance than in below Our Experts Selection for your more Convenience:

Top of the Line Variant (Best Premium In quality):

The Best deal if you want to buy Premium quality Piccolo Trumpet with all professional features, Grunted durability. Ideal for Performance and top of the line variant you can find online ever!Yamaha YTR-6810S Series Bb and A Piccolo Trumpet

  • Reputable Brand and Keys of Bb/A
  • 0.413″ bore Size Ideal sound Producer.
  • Attractive look with 3-3/4″ one-piece bell
  • Easy Intonation soft Press due to 4 Monel pistons
  • Special Mouthpiece for Bb or A

This Piccolo Trumpet made with one-piece yellow brass bell for a full, rich sound with great projection in the high register. so due to this ton of 5-Star reviews. If you can get it for under $2500, grab it. That’s one heck of a deal on a GOOD Piccolo Trumpet! (check current price & read reviews here ).  

Latest Shape and Stylish Attractive Look (All Up to date Function / Best Professional):

The Best deal if you want to buy Modern Shape Silver plated Piccolo Trumpet with all professional Class Functionality, Light in weight strong handy tool. Upper Skilled Performance and top of the line variant you can find online ever!Schilke Model P5-4 Bb and A Piccolo Trumper Silver Plate

  • Updated construction like Help in Ideal Performance.
  • Comes in M Bore – (.450”/11.42-mm), S Bell – (4”/101.60-mm)
  • Outer Body Silver Plated Durable and Shiny Surface.
  • Smooth and soft pressing Valve buttons
  • Single Mouth Pipe Key of Bb or A
  • Comes with cornet receiver

This Piccolo Trumpet made Silver Plate and High quality, S bell for a full, rich sound with great projection in the high Waves. so due to this ton of 5-Star reviews. If you can get it for under $3800, grab it. That’s one heck of a deal on a GOOD Piccolo Trumpet! (check current price & read reviews here ).  

Yamaha YTR-T6810S

If you are music lover then you know that Yamaha one of the best brands to manufactured Trumpet.

Yamaha YTR-T6810S Trumpet Fall in YTR Bb/A Keys, included 0.413” Bore as well as 3-3/4″ one-piece bell.

Yamaha Piccolo Trumpet YTR-6810s company provides Monel Piston quality for smooth and delicate sound.

The main bell made with Yellow brass for proper sound projection and sliver plated finishing make it more durable.

Comes with hard case for make it more portable. 

YTR-T6810 Features
  • Key of Bb/A with high level Pitch.
  • Contains 0.413 inch Bore size.
  • One-piece bell that 3-3/4 inch.
  • High sound adjustment due to Monel piston quality.
  • Silver plated finish and yellow brass made bell

Nasir Ali Piccolo Trumpet Bb Nickel

If you see easy and comfortable in playing then Nasir Ali Piccolo Trumpet best choice for you.

The trainer usually recommends this model for new and intermediate student level. The sound level and griping capability help to student in enhance skill level.

The inlaid soft button made with white faux mother of pearl.

Smooth and air tight air action valve for rich sound with easy air throw.

That is Bb nickel Piccolo Trumpet contain Phosphorus copper used lead mouth pipe.

Comes with Easy to portable carry case as well as standard size mouth piece.

Nasir Ali Piccolo Features:
  • Bb Nickel with silver finishing.
  • Coper made Lead pipe make more durable.
  • Smooth and soft valve pressing button.
  • Hard case provides best protection while carrying.
  • 30 days money back warranty in case of manufacturing defect.

Bach AP190 Stradivarius Artisan Series Bb/A Piccolo Trumpet

This Piccolo Trumpet Introduced Bach and Contains Bb/A Pitch Key.

That is unique way in play with own functions belong Artisan Series of trumpet.

Strong handy gripping and easy to pressing water keys during performance.

In this all features skilled base so use as professional trumpet as well.

Over body made with brass with silver plated finish for increase durability.

Comes in four Monel piston that smooth pressing capability and easy to adjusted thumb ring.

The main diameter carefully made out to enhance the sound accordingly.

Product Features:
  • Artisan Key of A/Bb Piccolo.
  • Main bell Acoustically treated.
  • Two set of valve guidance.
  • Monel piston system smooth sound.
  • 4 mouth pipe and Silver Plated.

Nasir Ali PiTr-02, Piccolo Trumpet, Bb, Red and Nickel

That is other model of Nasir Ali named PiTr-02 Piccolo Trumpet, Comes in Multiple Coloring. The main body of trumpet made with brass outer finish Red and Nickel Plated. That is most attractive Piccolo trumpet as well as smooth in playing.
Thumb ring adjuster as per your requirements and Phosphorus copper used on lead mouth pipe. The main unit comes with bottle valve oil, soft polishing cloth and a pair of white gloves. Very easy to carry due to hard case protection box that comes your buying. 

Product Features:
  • Valve press with smooth action.
  • Rich sound due to standard bell diameter.
  • Red and Silver nickel finishing.
  • Key of Bb/A writing notes.
  • Comes with all essential accessory.

Band Directors Choice Piccolo Trumpet

That model best chooses of professional musician as Piccolo trumpet. Band Director has capably to perform efficiently due to featuring out-class clearness of sound and excellent projection. This trumpet contains 0.450 inches bore size, the one-piece hand-hammered bell of 4 inches and Monel valves for plane and natural functioning.

It comes with standard size mouthpiece to operate both key Bb/A so no need to buy extra. Comes in simple designing with silver plated outer finishing. The hard-shell case also comes with this piccolo trumpet that provides great protection against any damages during carrying.
Product Features:

  • Comes with 0.450-inch standard bore size.
  • 4-inch bell diameter with one piece hammered.
  • Smooth and soft pressing due to Monel valve system.
  • Key of Bb/A includes a Standard mouthpiece.
  • Comes with portable hard case.