Best Trumpet Case

The trumpet case one of the essential accessory part that provides your unit more protection and regular carrying facility.

We spend huge amount on buy trumpet so it is important that you must care your unit when travelling and stack any corner.

Best Trumpet Case reviews

The two main types of case available on the market named hard trumpet cases and soft trumpet cases.

First, you must keep in mind which forms of the case full fill your need out of these two options.

Now we will talk about the difference between in both categories.

Hard trumpet cases are made with plastic or wood, and they are much intense. 

On the other hand, the soft case comes with fabric or leather construction.

So, the hard case provides your trumpet better protection, But it is heavy so not suitable for old age and teenage musician.

Some peoples don’t like both types of case for their trumpet due to less stylish or lack of beauty. For those people, fashionable gig bags are the best option on the market.

They are comfortable, protected and stylish as well as available in many different styles features and designs. In this types shoulder strip also available that gives you the reliable way to carry this gig bag.

We have listed down top models of trumpet Case/Gig bag with detail reviews. Hopes the following detail help you to choose the best case for your trumpet.


The best trumpet case not only provide your trumpet security and facilitate in transporting but also gives durability as well as comfortable in carry.

It’s light in weight, well constructed from the inner side and outer side.

Usually, the best case made with padded forming material from inside on walls that provides extra protection trumpet and accessory or secure any damages.

If you are looking trumpet bag which provides you best output, then do consider these important factors while buying.

Level of protection:

The level of protection based on material that uses in this case.

What types of protection offer available choices?

How much hard materiel used on the outer body of the case?

What is the quality and softness of padded material use in the side on the wall?

On last must consider and make sure bag comes with a shoulder strap that makes it easy to carry.

Quality material use:

You must consider the material used on the case should be A grade and high in quality. This thing makes your bag durable and professional.

Many types of material used on different bag models.

Some come in hard outer material and some of the fabricated or soft material.

The most important thing you must consider bag constructed with water-resistant nylon.

So you can easily travel with your trumpet in rainy weather without any tension.

Capacity Level:

The selected have enough space as per your trumpet size. You instrument place accurately with proper fitting.

Some player needs double trumpet case in which they can place two trumpets together.

In this types of the bag have the separate compartment and manage with zippers.

Each compartment has own space according to trumpet model and size. These types of bag usually used professional players.

Light in weight:

The lightweight bag comfortable for carrying while transportation. The weight of bag depends on the material used on trumpet.

Some case made with hard plastic that heavy but more protected and secured your valuable unit.

Soft and fabricated material make your bag light in weight flexible and easy to carry.

If you’re curious (or in a hurry):

This specific Trumpet Case is the most popular.

It’s an Durable and most ideal Trumpet Case, yet you’ll also find that it is also one of the convenience or light weight Trumpet Case you’ll find online.

Protec Trumpet Rectangular Pro PAC Case
  • Light in weight and impact-resistant frame.
  • Body universal fit that protects your trumpet from damage.
  • Contains  spacious compartment for mute and accessory storage.
  • Made with weather resistant 1680 ballistic nylon exterior.
  • More convenience carry thickly padded adjustable shoulder strap
  • Custom metal zippers with a locking ring for an optional case lock

It’s available 1680 ballistic nylon exterior and impact-resistant frame that has a universal fit that protects your trumpet so due to this ton of 5-Star reviews. If you can get it for under $130, grab it. That’s one heck of a deal on a GOOD Trumpet Case!

(check current price & read reviews here).

How to select best Trumpet case and Gig bag:

Now you know what kind of Trumpet case or Gig bags are available on the market for you. At the next stage, you have to check your choice and go for the appropriate option. All trumpets and Gig bags are marked, and you do not regret that you bought a bag.

Further more now you know what kind of Trumpet case or Gig bags are available on the market for you.

At the next stage, you have to check your choice and go for the appropriate option. All trumpets and Gig bags are marked, and you do not regret that you bought a bag.

From the list above you should know your choice in many varieties of spaces before you decide to buy the bag. The space of bag is essential part because the accessories of musicians differ from each other.

Therefore, you should think about the accessories you are carrying and required space comparison. Then you will be able to avoid any disappointment when you use a case or Gig bag on daily.​

In Below we also provides comprehensive table in which provides main features of  most popular trumpets / Gig bags for you to buy on the market.

12# ammoon 600D Water-resistant Trumpet Gig Bag:

ammoon 600D Water-resistant Trumpet Gig Bag

This is a soft trumpet Gig bag made from Oxford fabric. So it is a Durable case, and people who buy this bag will be able to stay calm.

One of the most amazing features of this bag is its resistance to water.

Hence, it can protect your expensive musical instrument even in cloudy weather while traveling.

It has a padded cotton layer inside which can provide extra protection while carrying a tool.

There are 2 compartments available in Andover 600D, which can be used for storage purposes of another accessory.

One shoulder strap and a gripped handle on the side provide a tool that can be used as per your wish.


  • Made with High quality oxford fabric.
  • The strip length is 46-88 cm that loss from 17.3 to 34.6 maximum.
  • Bag size is Approx 52 * 13 * 12.5 cm / 20.5 * 5.1 * 4.9 from inside.
  • You can easy carry due to light in weight, 360 gram / 12.7 oz.
  • Water resistance so keep away from water of your costly instrument.

( Check Price and Reviews )

11# FCH Senior Trumpet Gig Bag Case Nylon Black:

FCH Senior Trumpet Gig Bag Case reviews

The FCH trumpet case Made out with nylon and comes in pure black color.

This trumpet case stylish in looking, you can carry via hand belt and shoulder strip.

Its provide your trumpet fully protection from any accidental scratches or damages in rush area.

The inner side cover with light weight padded materiel that provide trumpet extra care.

This bag contain two main storage compartment usually one of them used for accessory or other musical documents saving.

Similarly the second one use for trumpet and that is huge in size and inner space.

Both storage areas have own high quality zipper that is durable and smooth in using, which ensures the durability of the entire bag.


  • Made with high quality nylon in black color
  • Design as to provide you huge space with protection.
  • Soft padded inner fabric protect our trumpet from any scratches.
  • Bag in length is 20.47 inch and 52 in cm / Width is 5.91 in and 15 in cm
  • Very light in weight comes with 16.2 oz / 350 gram.

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10# Flexzion Senior Trumpet Gig Bag Case Durable Soft Nylon:

Flexzion Senior Trumpet Gig Bag Case Reviews

This Gig bag made with soft nylon padded that secure your trumpet from any types of scratches and damages.

Its comes with double zipper shape for gives you more space and place your tools separately.

This design also provide musician comfortably in carry and use as assistance on routine travelling along trumpet.

That is ideal bag for standard size of trumpet with placement of all related tools and accessory.

This model also comes with two separate portion that have own zipper.

Light in weight and black shined color make this bag more stylish and beautiful.

The roomy exterior pocket and a convenient shoulder strap also part of this trumpet case.


  • Huge inner space even you can place more bag in this.
  • Double zipper designed make this product more useful.
  • The inner foaming pads secure your tools from scratches.
  • Bag length is 52 cm and width is 15 cam.
  • The 1.19 Lbs weight make this bag easy in carry.

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9# WolfPak Polyfoam Trumpet Case Black:

WolfPak Polyfoam Trumpet Case Black

This is another lightweight trumpet case that is available to the market for people.

To provide a lightweight design, it has been built from 1200 denier nylon.

There is a separate pocket that can be used with all the accessories that come with the trumpet.

This Trumpet bag is equipped with a bulb handle that is designed with heavy duty design.

It can construct as per the weight of the trumpet while delivering the experience of the users.

Zippers that you can find in WolfPak Polyfoam trumpet are luggage class ones, and this product provided you durability with guaranteed quality.

You can carry this case with multiple styles because company provide shoulder strip as well as the hand grip.

That is the excellent choice for teenage student due to lightweight so easy to carry.​


  • Light in weight (4.3 lbs) and make with high quality 1200 denier nylon.
  • Massive space along with separate compartment.
  • Company used the high quality zipper for durability.
  • The inner space dimension 23.5 x 11.5 x 8 inches.
  • Best choice for teenage student.

( Check Price and Reviews )

8# Bach C180 Stradivarius Trumpet Case:

Bach C180 Stradivarius Trumpet Case

This trumpet case falls in hard case category, its construct with wooden material.

Its make for professional due to its design and carry shape, in this company provides elegant handles.

You can carry this from the upper and side corner due to both placements of handles.

On the other hand, you will also get the Alligator style with corner trimming which make this case more professional.

In this model base made Brass Hardware with Locking Latches with bottom small button stand which keep away bottom case sheet from scratches.

This case have two compartment one use for main unit and other enough for related accessory like notes, mouthpiece and oil box etc.

Comes in Grey Plush Interior that provides your trumpet extra protection even safe from any pressing in rushy area.


  • Its design for single Bb trumpet with professional features.
  • Construct with colorful high quality wood shell and brass locking material.
  • Inner wall make out with plush soft fabric with space 21 x 8 x 9 inches.
  • 9..25 Lbs weight so recommended for younger musical players.
  • Two pocket with different size for max accessory placement.

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7# Pro Tec M404 Trumpet Multiple Mute Bag with Modular Walls:

Best Trumpet Case and Gig bags

This Case design as multiple padded with a separate compartment in which user properly place organize their trumpet and other accessories.

Tec M404 Trumpet Bag is water resistance capability because made of high-quality 1680D ballistic nylon.

The combination of high-quality nylon and zipper make this case more durable and reliable.

This bag also provides padded grip for security.

You may find the Pro-Tec M404 trumpet case in several varieties with different models.

In fact, you will be able to get a backpack strap model option on this trumpet bag.

You can also carry the bag with sturdy gripping because in which carry handle features had padded attachment which secured by a hook n’ loop closure.

The extra pocket also available front side of this case for additional accessory and important documents placement.

Light in weight and easy to carry for little age students.


  • Multiple pockets made out padded separation design which provide proper placement.
  • Exterior made 1680D ballistic nylon that make your case water resistance.
  • Padded griping features provide your strong and comfortable handling.
  • Light in weight (2.25 pounds) only, also has shoulder strip for carry.
  • The product inner dimension is 16 x 9 x 9 inches.

( Check Price and Reviews )

6# Gator Cases Pro-Go Ultimate Gig Bag:

Gator Cases Pro-Go Ultimate Gig Bag

If you see Case for trumpet in Gig category, then that is the best choice and one of the great option available in the market.

The side walls make ultra thick padded that provide your ultimate trumpet protection. Other interiors made with high-quality micro-fleece swing working.

The fabrication quality makes this product light in weight and best carry facility for long traveling.

The Gator Cases Pro, not water resistance, so company provides protected rain cover that included this deal.

Cover make with high-quality nylon and secure your trumpet in rainy weather. In this case, you got multi carry option due to shoulder strip design even you can remove the backpack straps.

This Gig bag large space compartment in which company provides separate 2 mouthpiece pouches.

That is one more ideal case for teenage students because the light in weight and carry without feeling any burden.

Its also available wide range of sizes so you can choose as per requirement or according to trumpet size.


  • Interior dimensions are 20” X 6.5” X 3.5” and ideal for all popular models of trumpets.
  • Light in weight (3 Lbs only)
  • That is an innovative product for premium protection.
  • Handle for all related accessory and extra two mouthpiece pouch.
  • Adjustable backpack shoulder strip with removing option.

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5# Protec Trumpet Gig Bag:

Protec Trumpet Gig Bag

This is a lightweight and super soft trumpet bag manufactured by Protec. It is built from ballistic nylon quality material make it water resistant.

Moreover, you will be able to find an enhanced Bell stretch in this bag that comes with padding of 25 mm thickness.

Light in weight with extra protective case for your costly trumpet.

Weaving the lining that you see in this trumpet bag is super soft and is provided with a padded pouch to hold the mouthpiece.

The corded handle makes this case more attractive and comfortable for carrying.

The durable custom molded zipper use for easy open and close bag compartments easily.

Customized strip option with removable shoulder strap with ID tag.

In this case one large pocket also exist front side for handle and place large number of accessory.

So that is best option if you see Gig bag with light weight and manage your trumpet with related accessory.


  • 25 mm Thick Padding sheets provides you ultimate protection.
  • 1680D ballistic nylon exterior make this water resistance.
  • Super soft non-abrasive velvoa lining make it comfortable in trumpet placement.
  • You can carry with many choices and removable shoulder strap also available.
  • Outer pocket to place accessory and related documents.
  • The 2.65 pounds make it light in carry.
  • The interior dimension is 23.1 x 10.1 x 6.4 inches.

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4# Gator Trumpet Case (GC-TRUMPET):

Gator Trumpet Case reviews

Musicians who expect the premium quality of trumpet case can go ahead and buy Gator Trumpet Case.

This is another durable carry case on the market.

The material used to make it for increasing the durability and strength of the case as well as for secure carry capability used with the bolted handle.

Its have quite heavy weight but more protective and long lasting product.

A chrome plated outer base that can use in this case to make it impressive with lockable latches.

The deep push lining, to make this case more reliable as well as provided an elegant appearance.

This bag is not recommended for people who prefer flexibility because it is intended for musicians who prefer durability.

This case fall in hard trumpet case category.

The exterior made out with premium quality heavy-duty aluminum valance that provide professional shape and strength.

Its provide maximum space for trumpet placement along with related accessory.


  • Best trumpet case as durability and protection.
  • Comfortable with strength in carry due to through-bolted handle.
  • Soft interior secure your trumpet from any scratches.
  • Heavy in weight (4.05 Lbs) so best recommended for younger musician.
  • This product dimension is 20 x 9 x 9 inches.

( Check Price and Reviews )

3# Protec Trumpet Contoured PRO PAC Case, Black, Model:

Protec Trumpet Contoured PRO PAC Trumpet Case

That is a very fine model to design for standard size of the trumpet.

Very light in weight and construct with an impact-resistant mold lined with soft velvet provide your trumpet full protection from damage.

That is the durable product and also water resistant due to use 1680 ballistic nylon exterior so you can also travel along with trumpet without any worry.

Very easy in carrying with a comfortably adjustable backpack or this thickly padded adjustable shoulder strap allow strong gripping of metal hardware.

The case contains large compartments with separate organize with built-in zippers that provide two pockets to place accessory and other tools.

This zippers also gives you locking rings for extra security your trumpet and accessory.

This model case is ideal for all kind of trumpet player for easy traveling and secure central unit with comfortable carrying ability.


  • Interior walls made with soft velvet for maximum safety of trumpet and keep away any scratches.
  • Adjustable shoulder strap with grip of hard case body.
  • Extra optional backpack-able strap also comes this bag.
  • Light in weight ( 4.5 lbs ) and easily carry for every one.
  • ​Used metal zippers for make this product long lasting.
  • Substantial inside space with dimension 9 x 22 x 8 inches.

( Check Price and Reviews )

2# Torpedo Bag Classic Trumpet Case:

Torpedo Bag Classic Trumpet Case

That is best one those People who are looking for the classic trumpet will be able to think about a torpedo bag.

This trumpet designer gave particular attention to the safety of the musical instrument.

For this reason, you will be able to find a massive foam that varies from up to 3 inches around inner walls.

This foam includes all sides of the trumpet. A relatively large storage compartment can also be found in the torpedo.

There is a removable roof pocket that can be used to store valves oil and mouthpiece that you place in this securely.

Its Comes with shinning black color with smart in shape.

You can carry this Gig bag with multiple ways in which company is providing bulk with backpack strip for converting many shapes.

The user quickly adjusted carry strength with losing and tight strip as suitable for you.

This case also has separate music pouch and Mute Bag that easily removable from main case.


  • Light in weight so easily carry and handle for every one.
  • Many customized option in this bag to make it easy for use.
  • Make with high quality fabric with forming interior.
  • Provide maximum Space with 22 x 9 x 9 inches dimension.

( Check Price and Reviews )

1# Protec Trumpet Rectangular PRO PAC Case:

Best Trumpet Case reviews

Those users or musician who are looking lightweight and protected trumpet case, the Protec Pro Pac Case best choice.

Although this case is made of light design, it has the ability to resist any hard force and secure all inside material.

Besides, you will be able to find a spacious compartment that can be used to hold all accessories.

The exterior of this case consists of 1680 ballistic nylon that provides you water resistance capability.

Therefore, the durability and lightweight design of this case are guaranteed.

Very easy and comfortable in carrying due to shoulder strap make with padded soft form and easily adjusted as per your particular needs to avoid frustration when it comes from one place to another.

Many professional trumpet user like this bag due to best handling all related tools and contain Large space storage pocket with a built-in zippered 2 pocket organizer.


  • Light in weight and hold all tools in secured ways.
  • Water resistance case so keep save your trumpet in cloudy weather.
  • High quality zippers used for durability and locking ring for an optional case lock.
  • The 10.5 x 22.5 x 9 inches dimension gives you huge space.

( Check Price and Reviews )


Recommended Products

Key Features



  • Made with high quality nylon in black color

  • Design as to provide you huge space with protection.

  • Soft padded inner fabric protect our trumpet

  • Bag in length is 20.47 inch and 52 in cm / Width is 5.91 in and 15 in cm

  • Very light in weight comes with 16.2 oz / 350 gram


  • Huge inner space

  • Double zipper designed

  • inner foaming pads

  • Bag length is 52 cm and width is 15 cam

  • The 1.19 Lbs weight make this bag easy in carry


  • Best choice for teenage student

  • make with 1200 denier nylon

  • Light in weight (4.3 lbs)

  • Massive space along with separate compartment

  • Dimension 23.5 x 11.5 x 8 inches


  • Design for single Bb trumpet with professional features

  • Construct with colorful high quality wood shell and brass locking

  • Inner wall make out with plush soft fabric

  • Size: 21 x 8 x 9 inches

  • 9.25 Lbs weight

  • Two pocket with different size for accessory


  • Made 1680D ballistic nylon

  • Multiple pockets

  • Padded griping

  • Light in weight (2.25 pounds)

  • Dimension is 16 x 9 x 9 inches


  • Made with oxford fabric

  • Strip length is 46-88 cm

  • Bag size is Approx 52 * 13 * 12.5 cm

  • Weight, 360 gram / 12.7 oz

  • Water resistance


  • Interior dimensions are 20” X 6.5” X 3.5”

  • Light in weight (3 Lbs only)

  • Handle for all related accessory and extra two mouthpiece pouch

  • Adjustable backpack shoulder strip


  • Comfortable with strength in carry

  • Soft interior secure your trumpet

  • Heavy in weight (4.05 Lbs)

  • Dimension is 20 x 9 x 9 inches.


  • Soft velvet for maximum safety

  • Adjustable shoulder strap with grip

  • Extra optional backpack-able strap

  • Light in weight ( 4.5 lbs )

  • Dimension 9 x 22 x 8 inches

  • Used metal zippers


  • Light in weight

  • Provide maximum Space with 22 x 9 x 9 inches

  • Many customized option in this bag

  • Make with high quality fabric with forming interior


  • Light in weight and hold all tools

  • 10.5 x 22.5 x 9 inches dimension

  • High quality zippers

  • Water resistance case

Our Recommendations:

If you are a performer who really cares about the trumpet, it only makes sense that you want to keep it in a favorable position when it is not used. One way you can do this is to invest in the trumpet gig bag. Directly speaking, the hornbill bag is going to ensure that your instrument remains precisely the same shape that was in the past. So if you are a professional touring musician or just a casual performer who sometimes performs a local axis with his friends, in the trumpet when it is not used, it’s the best way to be able to safety.

In this section, you are going to trace surveillance bags from the seriously revered names in the industry. Lady, Rainy Blues, Protective, and Aliter See just a few brands here to get to know ways to protect your most valuable tool. Because there are such varied bags here, you are sure to find one that is perfect for you. If you are not sure what you are right for, you probably have to check our best selling hoop glasses bags. Mid-Suspension Triple Gig Bag Gard, for example, can carry three trumpets simultaneously, all while reducing the risk of dings and dents. Comfortable and easy to carry this bag certainly worth any artist.

My suggestions is if you like gig bags then upper mentioned bags more suitable for you because we pick up after testing and detail research about each one model. This leather bag is well padded to keep you comfortable as you travel and gig. With the most reliable bearing hands and shoulder straps, this beautiful bag will be your horn’s home when it’s not in your hands.​

The crazy trumpet bag is absolutely essential for any serious musician. By respecting your instrument, it deserves that you are confident that you play more than ever before.​

Bottom Line:

In the bottom line, we describe that how you can full fill your need and decide what is essential for you in available types of cases.

Firstly the Hard case heavy in weight but more protective, and if you are young, then you can easily do it. This is a good option for young students and musicians.

A soft case is suitable for those who are very careful to use luggage and bags. Many senior or veteran musician had soft cases because they are lighter than they are more sensitive to their instruments.

Gig bags are suitable for temporary use going outside not many times, that’s a lot of Space inside as well as they are light and stylish. But in this package the least protection. You can not leave your trumpet unattended in a gig bag. However, the unit can be crushed if something fell your Gigbag! The cost is the main issue, I think, that you can not always go the route of training club with ultimate protection of trumpet. But if you are confident in the security of tools, then I would recommend you this.

And the final thing is you also have to consider the space in the trumpet case must be as per your tools requirements. Some trumpet cases may carry two or three horns same time. They will allow you to keep a certain amount of space for accessories, mouthpiece, and other needs. This is referred to as a double or triple bags and hearing them, the most commonly used professional musicians.​

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