Best Mouthpiece For Trumpet

What should be the first thing you think about when getting your trumpet ready to play – should it be trumpet mouthpieces?

Really, you wouldn’t be playing your trumpet if the mouthpiece wasn’t in great shape. 

Trumpet mouthpieces take lots of abuse, and that abuse can translate directly into heavy wear.

So be prepared, always carry an extra mouthpiece in your trumpet case with you wherever you go – and you’ll never be sorry!

Mouthpiece is a short tube which is connected to the tank to increase the flow of discharge through the orifice of the tank.

Mouthpiece main function is helps player achieve the desired sound, response and tuning.

Brass Instrument Mouthpiece Buying Guide

Different mouthpieces produce different kinds and pitches of sound. A mouthpiece is constructed of a rim, cup, bore and backbore.

The size, shape and alignment of each of these parts have an audible effect on the sound.

Choosing the perfect mouthpiece depends on the trumpet, the experience you have as a player and the kind of music you play.

The classification of mouth piece depends on its shape (convergent-divergent, cylindrical and convergent mouth piece), manner of discharge (running full and running free mouthpiece) and the position (internal and external mouthpiece).

3c is a pretty big starting point, so using it depends on if you want to pick up trumpet seriously or just as an addition to euphonium.

5c/7c are pretty standard because they work well for both types of playing.

The internal mouthpiece is connected internally and the external mouthpiece is connected outwards from the tank. In convergent mouthpiece there is a decrease of diameter towards the outlet and in divergent, there is an increase of diameter towards the outlet.

Running freely mouthpiece does not attach to the surface after the contraction of the jet while running in the jet fills the mouth piece after contraction.

Right Trumpet Mouthpiece Buying Guide

Trumpet players, as well as musicians that play any brass instruments, always tend to come across the issue of picking the right mouthpiece.

If the wrong mouthpiece is being used, even the best trumpets in the world can sound horrible. With each having a different effect on the trumpet sound, there are many different things to consider when shopping for a mouthpiece.

The type of playing that you plan on doing, the desired tone quality, the strength of your embouchure, and your facial structure (teeth, jaw, and lips) all need to be considered.

When you arm yourself with the right information, you allow yourself to make a more informed decision. After all, finding that perfect mouthpiece can be a never-ending quest for brass players.

You need to pick the right cup, rim, backbore, and throat (or bore) in order to get the most out of your horn. Here is a helpful guide to consider before going shopping:


Each having different qualities, there are many different shapes and sizes of cups available.

Trumpet Mouthpiece Cup

You can have a deep cup, a shallow cup, a bowl-shaped cup, or even a V-cup. If you’re looking for a rich, dark sound you will want to steer yourself towards a deeper cup.

The sound you get from a deep cup is good for jazz combo, symphonic, or concert band music.

If you are looking for a bright, piercing sound with an easier upper register, you may want to look for a shallow cup.

You don’t want too shallow of a mouthpiece, though, as it tends to let your lips bottom out in the cup which stops your lips from buzzing.

A good compromise for some people would be to use a V-cup, as it allows you to play with a darker tone and with an easier upper register.


Rim width, the bite (or inner edge), and inside diameter all need to be considered when deciding on a rim.

Mouthpiece Rim

As musicians progress in their playing, they tend to attempt to go with a larger diameter rim, but this isn’t necessarily the right thing to do.

Playing on a large diameter rim can actually reduce your endurance.

The thing to do is to find a rim diameter that fits your facial structure and then build the rest around that.

The most comfortable bite is a softer one, but a sharper one will give you cleaner attacks.

The right one depends on what you are looking for, and the type of playing that you will be doing.

A middle-of-the-road rim width is usually ideal. If you get one that’s too narrow your endurance can suffer, but you will find that it is better for flexibility, while a wide, flat rim tends to cut off the circulation to your chops.


A large backbore gives you a large amount of volume in your sound, but also uses more air to play.

Mouthpiece Backbore

A tight backbore will give you a brilliant sound.

There are many different sizes and shapes for the underrated backbore, and if chosen right, can give you the best results.

The best advice is to find a rim and cup that you are happy with, and then change the backbore to get the specific tone color that you are looking for.

Buying two different mouthpieces is more expensive than just buying one mouthpiece top and then two different backbores.


Mouthpiece Bore

Something that many players overlook is the throat, or bore, which is the narrowest part of the opening.

If too small for your playing style, the throat can be the place of most resistance in your horn.

This is why many professional trumpeters carry a reamer in their gig bag, to allow them to open up a new mouthpiece to the point of optimum resistance.

There are other factors involved in getting the best sound from your trumpet, but picking the right mouthpiece is probably one of the easiest things that you can change.

When picking your mouthpiece, make sure you take into consideration your facial structure (teeth, lips, and jaw), your embouchure strength, the tone quality you’re after, and what type of playing you will be doing.

This will allow you to pick the right mouthpiece, not just for trumpets, but for all brass instruments as well.

Best Value

Yamaha Trumpet Mouthpiece

Yamaha Trumpet Mouthpiece

  • 16.54mm inner diameter
  • Semi-round and semi-thick rim
  • Fits all brands and models
  • Extra thick silver plating

Best of the best

Bach Trumpet Mouthpiece 3C

Bach Trumpet Mouthpiece 3C

  • 16.3 mm cup diameter
  • Medium cup depth
  • Medium wide rim shape
  • Mouthpiece 3C

Also Good

 Trumpet Mouthpiece 3C 5C 7C

Trumpet Mouthpiece 3 Pack

  • 3C 5C 7C (3 Pack)
  • Compatible with Yamaha Bach Conn King
  • Silver Plate (Bullet Shape)

Different types of Mouthpiece

Different types of Mouthpiece

The Convergent Mouthpiece: This is a mouthpiece where the area decreases toward the jet outlet and the mouthpiece outlet are the same.

Internal Mouthpiece: This is the extended tube to the orifice from inside. The internal mouthpiece has two type; the running free and running full mouth piece. The running free mouthpiece does not touch the side of the mouthpiece after the contraction of the jet and vice versa.

External Mouthpiece: External mouthpiece is a short tube connected to the orifice externally to increase the discharge.

The Convergent-Divergent Mouthpiece: This type of mouthpiece where the sudden enlargement of the head and area is prevented and the mouth piece given an opportunity to increase gradually.

Brands like Yamaha create mouthpieces for starters which produces sounds suited for pop, rock and jazz music; whereas Schike suits the experts and is recommended while playing in orchestras. Bach, Vizzutti and Bobby Shen are also renowned companies that manufacture trumpet mouthpieces.

Prodcut Name



Bach Trumpet Mouthpiece



Glory Silver Plated Bb Trumpet Mouthpiece



Conn-Selmer, Inc. Tuba Mouthpiece



Conn-Selmer, Inc. Tuba Mouthpiece



CO-RODE Gold Plated Metal Trumpet Mouthpiece



Bach Trumpet Mouthpiece 3C

Bach Trumpet Mouthpiece 3C

This mouth piece for trumpet comes in 3C size and best for deep sound quality with high range tone.

Its best for intermediate or professional level 3C mouth piece user on trumpet.

Upper medium cup depth (16.3mm) provides easy air blow system against high level sound pitch.

Wide rim shape and silver shined upper coating make it more attractive and durable.

Very easy to attached and provides you high range clear sound with deep rich tone features.

You can easily make out sound with soft air blow system so never be feel any tiredness while trumpet playing.

Comes in ideal price range if you compare other professional level mouth piece.

Anybody with a great test and dream for music really needs this. It is known to be among the best when it comes to these accessories.

Not only is it recommended by many music teachers and professional but it is also made of quality material with medium cup depth and medium wide rim shape to ensure that quality tone.

In addition, it also has high ratings due to its good and better tones that can be used for a greater and wide range.

Common features

  • A 3C mouthpiece trumpet Bach.
  • A cup of about 16.3 MM.
  • Rim shape is medium wide.
  • Product dimension of 3.6 x 1.2 x 1.2 inches.
  • Has a weight of 4 ounces.
  • Made with silver coating or brass construction.
  • Inner cup contains 16.3 mm size.
  • Medium wide rim shape.
  • Produce greater tone range and clear sound.
Bach Trumpet Mouthpiece 3C

Glory Silver Plated Bb Trumpet Mouthpiece,7c

Glory Silver Plated Bb Trumpet Mouthpiece

Another model of 3C size or shape mouth piece for your intermediate or professional level trumpet.

It contains more advanced design as well as shine silver coating.

Proper making and easy blow provide your high range sound or clear tone quality.

This mouth piece best for Bb trumpet and provides your great result while playing.

Made with quality brass and proper mouth sealing shape so chance any air leakage while playing.

Its best model for deep and rich clear sound with easy producer tool.

So, comes in very reasonable price if we compare the quality or feature.

This product is absolutely good for both advance and intermediate players.

It is made of high quality materials to ensure quality tone.

It is made with a large cup that produces deep and sober sound.

Many teachers, musicians and professionals recommend this instrument for their students.

It has also been assessed and therefore meets the international standards.

This mouth piece are also very comfortable to use, durable and hygienic due to the silver plate.

Common features

  • Made from metal.
  • Computer designed to produce the best tone in a quality manner.
  • Has weight of 4 ounce
  • Its dimensions are 4.1*2.4*1.1
  • Has a cup of 16.5 mm.
  • Made with high quality brass.
  • Medium cup depth.
  • Wide range sound with clear tone.
  • Proper rounded shape diameter with standard size.
  • Ideal price range and good package for professionals.
Glory Trumpet Mouthpiece

Blessing MPC65ALTRB Trombone Mouthpiece

Blessing MPC65ALTRB Trombone Mouthpiece

Blessing MPC65ALTRB trumpet mouthpiece design with different style or specially make on input of professional level players like Buff Dillard, Robert Dorer, and Dominick Farinacci.

It provides great help to produce ideal or rich sound. With this mouthpiece no any chance or leakage while air blow or playing huge level notes.

In this model you get shank, #6 1/2AL so easily adjustable on Trombone, Baritone and Euphonium.

Very easy to set up all types of trumpet nose on time to performance so bet model from all corners.

Comes in smart and standard hole size so ideal for more frequent sound with perfect intonation.

Available in best price online store if you see the quality material and product features.

Product Key Points:

  • Made with silver plated shinned color.
  • Quality brass use to made this mouthpiece.
  • Easy to adjustable on trumpet pipe.
  • Provides great help to produce ideal sound.
  • Made by Terry Warburton in Florida
Blessing Trombone Mouthpiece

Conn-Selmer, Inc. Tuba Mouthpiece

Conn-Selmer, Inc. Tuba Mouthpiece

Conn-Selmer mouthpiece specially designs for tuba for sound excellence or quality frequent tune up level.

Comes with proper standard length or inner hole so you can easily adjust on tuba pipe line.

In this mouthpiece you can also cover all airflow pressure due to standard hole space.

Easy to attached on tube with rolling system as well as adjusted lock features.

Comes in silver gold tune up color so provides attractive looking and never fed up color due to plated shined finish.

Usually this mouthpiece uses for tuba volume quality so all types of tuba player use this product on main units.

Product Key Points:

  • Comes silver gold shine tune up color.
  • Standard line or length with inner hole space.
  • Produce excellent sound quality.
  • Less chance to pressure leakage while playing.
  • Easy to adjustable on pipe slides.   
Conn-Selmer, Inc. Tuba Mouthpiece

CO-RODE Gold Plated Metal Trumpet Mouthpiece,7C Golden (Musical Instruments Accessories)

Here is a metallic instrument with an attractive and beautiful golden color.

This will enhance and take your music experience to the next level.

It is recommended worldwide as it produces that quality, we are always looking for from music instruments.

It is also very affordable, reliable and available in the markets.

Common features

  • Metal materials
  • The mouthpiece size of 8.7cm
  • Its color is golden. Super shinny.
  • The mouth piece size is good for high register
  • 1-piece mouthpiece
  • Computer aided design systems.
  • Computer controlled lathe.
  • 3.52 ounces’ weight.
  • Product dimension of 3.5 x 0.8 x 5.1 inches
CO-RODE Gold Plated Metal Trumpet Mouthpiece

Protec Trumpet/ Small Brass Single Neoprene Mouthpiece

Small Brass Single Neoprene Mouthpiece

This is an amazing mouthpiece pouch made of strong black material with a back-side pocket.

It is perfect for currying a mouthpiece.

It is small in size that makes it easy to move around with. Its backside pocket can be used to curry extra things which is very beneficial.

Apart from this, this pouch has been recommended by many customers who has used it due to its services.

It is very reliable and affordable. It can carry variety of mouthpiece because of its standard size.

 Common features

  • High quality soft padded neoprene.
  • It has a backside pocket.
  • It has a zipper closure which is very durable.
  • It has a non- abrasive lining which is soft
Protec Trumpet/ Small Brass Single Neoprene Mouthpiece

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