Are you a hip hop extraordinaire and want to put your knowledge to the test? If you’re looking to test the hip hop IQ of you and your friends take this hip hop quiz as soon as possible.

You may be surprised by the things that you do and don’t know. Before we hop into the quiz, make it fun, and use bingo cards to cover each answer that you get correct.

Hip Hop Quiz

Let’s get this quiz started.

Who Started Hip-Hop in the Bronx in the early 1970s when he was just a teenager?

A. Afrika Bambaataa
B. Kool Herc
C. Dr. Dre
D. Rakim

Which one of these four things is not a characteristic of hip hop?

A. Graffiti
B. B-boying
C. Folklore
D. Djing

Who was the first member of the group NWA to branch out as a solo artist and leave the group?

A. Eazy-E
B. DJ Yella
C. Ice Cube
D. MC Ren

This rapper founded the record label Maybach Music Group and, in his past, was a corrections officer in Florida.

A. Meek Mill
B. Ice T
C. Jay-Z
D. Rick Ross

What late rapper spoke the lyrics, “give me a paper and a pen, so I can write about my life of sin…?”

A. Andre 3000
B. Tupac
C. Juice WRLD
D. none of the above

Who was known as the first lady of hip hop?

A. Cindy Campbell
B. Queen Latifah
C. Mary J. Blige
D. Lil Kim

What record label was the first music label for hip hop?

A. GOOD Music
B. Sugar Hill Records
C. Def Jam Recordings
D. Bad Boy Records

What infamous boss was known for his intimidating demeanor when it came to conducting business in the hip hop industry and is serving 28 years in prison?

A. Jermaine
B. Lupe Fiasco
C. Kanye West
D. Suge Knight

What DJ was the third member of the group Salt-N-Pepa?

A. DJ Spinderella
B. MC Lyte
C. DJ Jazzy Joyce
D. DJ Cocoa Channelle

What hip hop group released their first single in 1993 named “Protect Ya Neck?”

A. Outkast
B. Run-D.M.C
C. Wu-Tang Clan
D. Public Enemy

What public enemy member is known for wearing a clock whenever he’s performing?

A. Chuck D
B. Khari Wynn
C. Sister Souljah
D. Flavor Flav

Who was the first female rapper to receive their very own platinum certification?

A. Da Brat
B. Megan thee Stallion
C. Lil Kim
D. Missy Elliot

What multi-talented rapper release the song, “Ladies First” in November 1989?

A. Trina
B. Eve
C. Queen Latifah
D. Azelia Banks

Hip Hop Quiz Complete

When it comes to the history of hip hop, how did you measure up against our test? Did you find that you knew more than you thought you did?

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